Fish & Burger helps start-ups take the next step in their growth phase by using Digital Marketing. That is why we only work with the very best specialists.

Making an impact and flexibility are our main core values. In addition, it is all about growing together. There are 100+ specialists affiliated with Fish and Burger, with each specialist excelling in his or her specific field. We only work with professionals who have worked with us before, or who have been recommended by our network.

The specialists in our network have many years of experience and are really good at what they do. Under the guidance of a Marketing Manager, we gather the best experts to achieve our customers’ goals. We believe that this is the ideal formula for growth and development.

Whats specialists say.


‘’It’s nice that I can make an impact in a team of other specialists at fast-growing companies.’’


‘’By working together in a scalable and flexible marketing team of specialists, I maintain my freedom, while teamwork strengthens my talents and increases my impact on the business.’


‘’Through the collaboration with Fish and Burger, I am empowered as a freelancer in a team of other specialists. Together we realize growth! ’’


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Sharing knowledge and growing, that gives us energy. There are 100+ specialists associated with Fish and Burger. We are happy to share years of experience and an infinite amount of knowledge with you.

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