BlaBlaCar, the French scale-up company and unicorn, is growing its footprint globally with over 90 million members in 22 countries. They have secured a 115 million dollars funding in April 2021 to support their ambition of becoming a global multimodal platform with bus, carpool, and someday train offerings. With the help of Digital Growth Agency Fish and Burger, BlaBlaCar intends to grow and market its bus operations in the Benelux.

The objective of the partnership with Fish and Burger is to substantially grow the market share of their bus activity and establish BlaBlaCar as the go-to shared travel platform.

Fish and Burger is a Digital Growth Agency that focuses on fast-growing startups and helping with double digital growth via Digital Marketing. About how, one of the founders Mikel Burger says: ‘’We offer a custom solution end to end, from defining a strategy to designing a marketing plan and execution with the best specialists from the market. We position ourselves as their flexible team. In cooperation with growing companies, it is important to be flexible, proactive, and deliver the highest quality and service. We offer this because we are agile and work exclusively with external specialists.’’

“We began working with Fish and Burger to help us develop a Marketing & Distribution plan which will fuel our business growth in the Benelux. Their flexible mindset & access to specific local specialists is what made the difference”, explains Paul-Adrien Cumenal, Marketing Team Lead at BlaBlaCar.

There is a huge opportunity in the travel market in the Benelux. Consumers in the region are really aware of the environment and we expect them to shift from individual cars to cleaner means of transportation like carpooling, buses or trains. BlaBlaCar is in a unique position with its network, platform and travel experience in over 22 countries.

Mikel Burger says that BlaBlaCar will (re)enter the market with offerings that are aligned with the expectations of the local population and distribute them via Marketing and Partners.